A day in the life of Monk Xu


Awareness watching the body being awake. Feeling the senses. Listening to the sounds of nature.


Slow deep breathing while stretching, still in the lying down position.


Move to another part of the dwelling and set objectives clear for the rest of the day.


Shower technique - Hot/Cold method. 1min really hot, 1min really cold. 5rounds. While breathing fast and slow for 30sec intervals.

After the shower - greens juice (particular formula, ask the Monk) or you may do a wake up water packing Himalayan technique (ancient secret).


All forms of Qi Gong (breathing techniques taught by Monk).


Cardio and Fitness (intense for advanced and beginners go steady).


Earth grounding by gardening or simply weeding. Helping others with their yards.. or absorbing earth qi.

Midday 12pm

Fuelling the body with nutrients / vitamins & minerals.

After revitalising ourselves

We watch nature & rewire DNA by breathing and particular thought concentration while digesting the fuel source.


Compose / Music / Invent / Innovate / Create / Sculpt / Paint - This is very pivotal point of the day - we express and be productive - by ourselves or with others.

3.30 or 4pm

Relax / Reflect / Refine / Re-Invent We may even journal other ideas.


Training a body part with heavy or light weights. Stretch / Sauna - or shower.


Clean up / Rest / Protein / BCAA.


Eat clean or intermittent fasting.


Rest / Study / Doco / Ambient Music or enjoy a silent meditation going within.


This is where we have many choices to either call it a night or keep studying and reinventing ourselves. We also have a choice for silence and reflection or we may even unwind with a selected conscious movie. At this hour I reflect with an audiobook by Sadhguru or Deng Ming Dao - By this hour - very late - I’m zoning out and listening to everything ... Cleaning the body with one last shower before retiring for the night.

Blowing the candles out and calling it a day.

Be grateful for everything throughout the day and simply let go of everything that is and ever was. Not holding onto thoughts, past or present & simply being grounded and present with no expectations.