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* Download epic music ? Customised Frequencies to Align cellular memory by simply laying down and absorbing the 432Hz miracle. Sonic Scientist Orlando Monday Allen & myself (Monk XU Master) recorded an epic Masterpiece - “INFINITE ENDLESS BLUE - A=432Hz” Utilising Sound & Frequency to code and rewire the helix rod.

•Infinite Endless Blue A=432Hz (2017)•

* Come with us on a 1:11 minute journey into A=432hz Sound and Frequency with this Cinematic Ambient feast of stunning Ocean inspired world melody's, beautiful Grand piano's, haunting guitar harmonics, Tibetan Monk's Chanting, healing OceanScapes, Pure Crystal bowls, Bells,Gongs, Powerful healing Rhythms, World Percussion's and music Featuring Monk XU Master as our Taoist Guide to powerful psychological healing with each track being layered with subliminal brainwave stimulation pulses across the neurological spectrum for deep healing, everything being tuned and recorded in the Classical mathematically correct tuning of A=432hz. Take a trip to the oceans healing sounds, Frequencies for cleansing the environment and Inspiring deeply relaxed no-mind meditations.

* This album is Completely FREE to any terminally or critically ill patients who are open to sonic healing Through frequency * please email me so we can make contact and I will reply with a 100% Free download code for the full album and Infinite Blue Photography Series of stunning Ocean sunrises daytime and sunset professional photos of the Deeply Inspiring Ocean Blue.

* The Infinite Endless Blue Music is Dedicated to Orlando’s Mother Gilli Smyth & Father Daevid Allen R.I.P and was written over a year period just after Gilli's Funeral from the 7-8-16 to the 7-8-17 at the Taoist Ocean Temple, where all the photos were taken on the sunrises of a Gold Coast Australian spring season.

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